Welcome to Tusker Day!

Africa’s first annual drinking holiday in honor of killed elephants:¬†The first annual Tusker Day party in honor of Africa’s fading tusker elephants.

Tusker Beer Elephant

Nairobi, Kenya: This year we celebrate the first Tusker Day on September 22nd which happens to be Elephant Appreciation Day in honor of Satao, Africa’s largest elephant bull, slain by poachers on May 30th 2014.

Satao belonged to an elite group of elephants called Tuskers because his tusks were so big they almost touched the ground. Tuskers and elephants are facing imminent extinction in 15 years unless we act. We hope that this day will create more awareness on the plight of Tusker elephants.

This year’s inaugural event will take place at Seven Restaurant in Village Market, Nairobi¬†from 2pm till late. For every Tusker Beer sold during the event, 50 Kenya shillings will be donated towards conservation of Tusker elephants in Tsavo. Out of a population of 11,000 elephants in Tsavo, there are less than 20 known Tusker elephants, one less with Satao’s demise. Tsavo is the last place on earth with a viable gene pool of Tusker elephants.

Tusker is also the name of one of Africa’s most well known beer brands. Therefore, why not appreciate African elephants, African beer, African people and friends of Africa by celebrating Africa’s first annual drinking holiday for a good cause on Tusker Day.

Akinyi Adongo,
Tusker Day.

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